Chairman's Corner: "NBA Basketball Lebron James Discusses Racisim in America With CNN's Don Lemon"
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The division among Americans is at a critical point. This division has no respect for social, economic, educational or moral norms.

On July 30, 2018, CNN's Don Lemon interviewed the great basketball star Lebron James. His comments regarding the growth of racism were staggering. 

He echoed what many African Americans feel, that is, being Black in America is a rough journey. The killing of unarmed Black men, the separation of babies from their parents by the government, attacks on the NFL and its Black players, the rise of White hate groups, threats to voting rights and eliminating civil rights enforcement by the United States Department of Education are but a few examples of racial bias drifting across the nation.
It was recently reported that many new jobs are opening in downtown Chicago.

However, African American communities surrounding the "Loop" are not benefiting from this job growth. During all of the turmoil, Whites are returning to Chicago, displacing poor Black and Brown residents who are moving to the White suburbs, areas with serious African American deficits in hospitals, schools and police departments.

All Americans need to be concerned. Churches need to stop their silence.

Change is coming and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it.

We need to get ready for greater change.