Toyota Shake-Up Brings Diversity To Automotive Giant
Toyota Motor Corp. has promoted a Frenchman, and American woman and an African-American man to unprecedented positions of power at its global headquarters. But its new diversity drive goes far beyond ethnicity and gender. In an equally pivotal break with tradition, Toyota upgraded a crop of relative newcomers, who lack the years of schooling in the Toyota Way once deemed a prerequisite for advancement.

The shuffle, part of wide-ranging annual management changes, parachutes the executives into key global decision making roles. The aim: inject new perspective and best practices into a sometimes-Byzantine corporate hierarchy.  
Motorola Solutions Continues to Elevate STEM
The Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) would like to thank Greg Brown (Chief Executive Officer, Motorola Solutions, Inc.), Toni L. Carter (Human Resources Consultant, Talent and Culture COE, Motorola Solutions, Inc.) and the entire Motorola Solutions organization for their efforts in providing academic scholarships for students entering STEM studies (read more).
Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) Elects Newly Reorganized Board of Directors on Saturday, May 2, 2015
Michero Washington, President and CEO, ICDHR was the featured guest during the March 19, 2015 taping. Ms. Washington discusses how the organization provides training and jobs to young people (view at larger size).
While the push loosens Toyota's ossified seniority system, it could also dilute a corporate culture that has long been copied by envious rivals and credited with being the Japanese car maker's most important, intangible weapon.

"That's the change under Akio Toyoda," Kurt Sanger, an auto analyst at Deutsche Securities Japan, noted. "He embraces that risk. He doesn't live in fear of that risk (view more)."
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Christopher Reynolds,
Chief Legal Officer and the first African-American managing officer at the
Toyota Motor Corporation.

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ICDHR "Chairman's Corner" Feature for May 2015
African-American youth in today's society. Can the church play a greater role in helping to facilitate improved relationships between police and members of the African-American community? (read more)
Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) Chairman, Rev. Clyde H. Brooks, takes time to provide insight and the organization's viewpoints about the current state of policing with
ICDHR President and CEO Michero B. Washington featured on "Comcast Newsmakers"
Michero B. Washington was recently elected as President and Chief Executive Officer of the ICDHR. Rev. Clyde H. Brooks, who founded the organization and served as President for many years will remain as Chairman of the Board. Ms. Washington is an experienced educator, manager and consultant with

a broad and unique business background in both the public and private sectors. An innovator with a demonstrated ability to strategically lead major change initiatives through diverse organizations, her success has been based on a leader-ship style that focuses on coaching, team building, developing and motivating people for improved performance and facilitates ownership for results.

Ms. Washington is committed to change through enhancement, inclusion and expansion of ideas to benefit individuals, small business and organizations throughout the country.
Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) Elects New President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The first meeting of the newly reorganized Board of Directors for the Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) was held Saturday, May 2, 2015. The meeting was held at Loretto Hospital in Chicago.

Reverend Clyde H. Brooks (ICDHR Chairman) welcomed the new directors and indicated that a state-wide event is being planned to salute Michero Washington, the newly elected President and Chief Executive Office for ICDHR, recognizing her many years of leadership with the organization (read more).