ABC Flash Cards Depicting African-American History
Leilani Brooks is a mom and teacher. While looking for ways to teach her children about their history and culture, she discovered that there weren’t enough resources for teaching African American history to young children. After purchasing a set of flashcards depicting American Presidents and seeing our 44th President,
Video: Business Engineering Science and Technology Academy, Atlanta Public Schools and 100 Black Men Inc. Salute Valedictorian Sharod McClendon
Sharod McClendon's valedictorial speech for the Business Engineering Science and Technology Academy in Atlanta is inspirational (view more).
Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) Elects Three New Board of Directors Members on Saturday, August 1, 2015
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Barack Obama represented, Leilani was inspired. She called long time friend, educator and historian, Stevi Meredith. Brooks told Meredith she had an idea to make flashcards about African American

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ICDHR "Chairman's Corner" Feature for August 2015
on what must be done to resolve this growing issue in our communities (read more).
Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) Chairman, Rev. Clyde H. Brooks, examines what seems to be the kind of racism that is emerging in America called "Black Racism" and provides tips
Money for College: Scholarships With September Deadlines
The ICDHR held a celebration at Room 43 in Chicago on July 23, 2015 to recognize Michero B. Washington (far right) on her March 1, 2015 election as President and CEO. The event started promotions for the 48th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration. Included in above photo are (left to right) Carolyn Rodgers and Gwendolyn McNutt (Comcast Chicago), Eve Gomez (ICDHR Marketing & Social Media Director), Emma Asante (V.P. Community Relations, NBC 5 Chicago) and additional guest (view photos).
Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) "Salute to New President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michero B. Washington
On Saturday, August 1, 2015 the newly reorganized Board of Directors for the Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations (ICDHR) held their second of four yearly meetings, and confirmed the nomination of three newly elected members to the organization's growing Board of Directors.

The three newly elected ICDHR Board of Directors to that were confirmed on Saturday, August 1, 2015 include Angela Mims (Columnist for the Voice Newspaper, Chicago Illinois, not pictured below), and the following individuals listed below.
Can Whole Foods Help Restore Glory to Formerly Thriving Englewood Strip?
Chief Gregory J. Anderson
Chief of Police
Oak Forest Police Department
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Manuel Cuevas-Trisan, Esq.,
Vice President,
Labor and Employment Law, Privacy and Data Security and Head of Litigation,
Motorola Solutions, Inc.
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In the mid-20th century the area around 63rd and Halsted Street in Chicago rivaled what's now the Magnificent Mile. "It was a booming area. We had all different kinds of stores," said 86-year old Obbie Nephew about the 1960's when she moved her family to the neighborhood. "We would rather shop on 63rd Street than go downtown. It was really nice (read more).
accomplishments and culture. After some brainstorming, the two came up with  what is now ABC Me Flashcards: The African American Edition (read more).